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Canadian Fly-in Outpost Fishing for the “First-Timer”

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Being an avid fisherman means at some point in your life, you and your fishing buddies think about taking the big step of going on a remote outpost or Fly-in fishing trip in Canada.  You’ve read or heard stories of the great fishing for walleye, Northern Pike, smallmouth bass, and Lake Trout and you’re ready to pack up your gear and go.  You may have even gone to The All-Canada Show, or some similar gathering of outfitters and trip providers.  Then it hits you…you’ve been fishing for Largemouth bass, crappie,…read more


The Best Fishing Pole for a Little Girl

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Almost 2 years ago I bought my little girl a Barbie Fishing Pole for her 3rd birthday. Since then we have taken it fishing dozens of times. My wife, two daughters, plus a couple cousins have caught many fish with this pole, mainly bluegill. It has never failed us. Recently we took my 4 year old and her 7 year old sister on their very first camping trip. We had a blast camping out and fishing from our friend’s pontoon boat. My daughter caught and landed her very first largemouth…read more