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The Best Recipe for Deer Meat (Venison)

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Deer hunting in Missouri is alive and well.  According to the Missouri Department of Conservation, nearly 289,000 deer were harvested in 2011, a 5% increase over 2010.  With plenty of venison available it’s important to make sure we’re not wasting such a valuable resource.  Following are some simple and tasty venison recipe’s that make use of the many different cuts of meat available. Let’s start with the choicest piece, the tenderloin.  As the name implies, these tender morsels can be found inside the body cavity along either side of the…read more


The Best Rangefinder for Deer Hunting

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After deciding to add a modern rangefinder to my hunting kit, I did a bunch of looking.  I kissed a few toads along the way, and I was also blown away by some others, but my search was over when I found the Vortex Ranger 1000 Rangefinder.  It represents the perfect intersection of a full featured scope with a price that won’t break the bank. I’m mainly a deer hunter, and most of that I do from a stand – (if you need a good tree stand and at a…read more

The Best Knife for Deer Hunting

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As an avid hunter and collector of edged weaponry, I have had my hands on a sharp piece of steel or two in my days under the sun.  I’ve used custom made fixed blade hunters, and mass produced skinners.  However, one knife stands head and shoulders above the rest as an optimal piece of kit for skinning, gutting and processing deer, The AG Russell Deer Hunter, available from I’ve used this knife in the field over several seasons and have field dressed, skinned, and processed multiple whitetail deer with…read more