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Best lure for trout fishing

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On a recent trout fishing trip in Arkansas I discovered the best lure for catching brown trout.  It is the Rapala CountDown Brown Trout.  There are several sizes and I have three, see chart below for the specs.  My best luck was using the CR05TR and CR07TR.  My fishing partner was using the CD09TR and had great success also.  I tell you these trout we caught on the Little Red River could not resist the bait.  I don’t know how many times we saw them chasing the lure and dashing…read more

The Best Fishing Pole for a Little Girl

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Almost 2 years ago I bought my little girl a Barbie Fishing Pole for her 3rd birthday. Since then we have taken it fishing dozens of times. My wife, two daughters, plus a couple cousins have caught many fish with this pole, mainly bluegill. It has never failed us. Recently we took my 4 year old and her 7 year old sister on their very first camping trip. We had a blast camping out and fishing from our friend’s pontoon boat. My daughter caught and landed her very first largemouth…read more

Plano Rethinks The Tackle Bag With The Kevin Van Dam 4880 Gear Bag

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Taking everything the serious angler would need in a bag, Plano has created the KVD Signature Gear Bag as part of their “Guide Elite” series.  I recently got this bag after tiring of my mix of several tackle boxes and bags, each of which served a separate angling need.  Thinking it would be nice to have my bass, trout and bream gear all in one easy-to-access gear bag, and after a serious amount of comparison shopping, I settled on the KVD 4880. The KVD 4880 Gear Bag may be considered…read more