Awesome Compound Bow

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Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Bow Package

After deciding to start shooting a bow again after several years I found this at Cabela’s.

The Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Bow Package — Mossy Oak® Break-Up Infinity®

I dialed this in at 55lbs and it is very accurate.  I am so glad I bought this at Cabela’s because now I am back into shooting bows.  This new compound will be used next year during deer season, feeling good about tagging a deer!

I have been so pumped since getting the Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Bow that my daughters and I have constructed a shooting area in our back yard.  We shoot out there a couple times a week now and I am so glad they are shooting with me (they have cheap beginner bows and will be getting better ones down the road).

Now that my interest of bow shooting has been revived I am shooting my Black Widow recurve again.  I love that bow and it is great to shoot also.  I think the Black Widow will be for pleasure of shooting and won’t be taken on hunts anymore.  The new Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Bow will be my hunting choice!