The Best Medium Priced Ladder Stand

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Let’s get this out of the way right off – There are about as many different ladder stands out there as there are hunters using them. The big question is – where can I find a solid, comfortable and quiet stand without breaking the bank?

The answer, well MY answer, anyway, is right here – the Big Game Skybox® Deluxe Ladder Stand. I’d been wanting to replace a few old and worn out hang on and ladder stands with something a little better suited to my current needs. The Skybox Deluxe Ladder Stand offers everything I need, and more importantly, lots of things I WANT, in a ladder stand.

The Skybox Deluxe is 20 feet to the shooting rail, and uses an all-steel double-rail support system, making it very sturdy and reliable. It has an extra wide platform, so you get the height and stability you need, especially for bow hunting. Of course, the double rail adds some weight, but for me that is offset by the stability offered. The double rail also eliminates the need for a second stabilizer, though I did use a couple extra ratchet straps to get a good grip and really make it sturdy. You’ll need a second set of hands for assembly, but finding a buddy to help put up a stand isn’t too big of a task.

I’m mainly a bow hunter, and I like to shoot from a sitting position. The side rails on the Skybox Deluxe aren’t in the way when shooting from a seated position so this great for me. If you use the shooting rail, you have a nice sturdy, padded rail that reminds me of how a bench rest feels. The 19”x17” platform sticks out just enough so that standing and even turning around are no longer a chore. The stand comes with a full body safety harness with suspension relief system, but you can use your own harness if you prefer. There is a 17” high by 2” deep removable padded back rest, and it’s set out a little from the tree so you can actually lean back in this stand, a nice feature for those long days during the rut.

This stand makes a great replacement for older ladder and hang on stands, and is great for kids or older hunters who may not be comfortable on a hang on. This stand weighs in at 70 lbs. I tip the scale at 225 and offers great stability and comfort. The specs say it’ll support 300 lbs – I believe it.

The Skybox Deluxe Ladder Stand is a great buy for the hunter who wants the ease of use of a ladder stand and the stability and comfort of the Lazy Boy in your man cave.

Get yours now at Cabela’s.

Search Cabela’s website for “Big Game Skybox“.