The Best Early Season Scent Blocker Hunting Shirt

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How many times have you been on a hot, muggy early season hunt and wished for a cool, but truly functional scent blocking hunting shirt? I like to be comfortable in the woods, but I had grown used to the sometimes heavy gear that passes for “scent-blocking” these days. Yeah, there are the carbon-laced numbers, but are you going to see a carbon solution in a single layer or early season, breathable shirt?

ScentBlocker® has solved this problem with their new 1.5 Performance Long-Sleeve hunting shirt. With a new technology developed to deliver superior scent adsorption and odor control in a lightweight, breathable shirt, you’ll be comfortable and confident on those early season hunts.

For later season or cold weather hunting, just layer this versatile shirt to get real scent-blocking performance and superior wicking action to keep moisture away from your skin. This shirt also features a trademarked fabric technology called “4 Direction Stretch” to allow increased mobility in a close-fitting garment.

I’ve worn this shirt on both deer and turkey hunts, and have been in some tight quarters with both a wary boss gobbler and skittish whitetail, and though my pounding heart could have let them know I was close by, they got nary a whiff of me otherwise. My wife, picking up behind me as I shed my duds after a hot spring hunt, asked why I was throwing stuff on the floor I hadn’t even worn.

Now, she may not have the olfactory power of that big Tom or that rutting buck, but she knows the stink of battle worn hunting gear. The fact that she believed I had not worn this shirt tells me that ScentBlocker® is really onto something with the scent blocking provided by their 1.5 Performance Shirt.

If you want the comfort of hunting in your favorite tee shirt, and the performance of true scent-blocking technology, this is the shirt for you. Sizes from Medium to 2X are available in either Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity or Realtree XTRA.

Available today from Cabela’s.

Search Cabela’s website for “1.5 Performance Long-Sleeve hunting shirt“.