ThermaCELL is the BEST Mosquito and Bug Repellent

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One of the worst things about the outdoors, be it a backyard BBQ, sitting on a deer stand, or fishing in Canada, is the damn mosquitoes. On our trip to Canada this year the mosquitoes were the worst we’ve seen in at least a decade. About three years ago we found the answer – – The Schawbel Corporation’s ThermaCELL Mosquito Repellent.

The unit works using a butane cartridge to heat a metal grill. A small matt saturated with repellent is in turn heated by the grill, releasing a vapor into the air. This vapor does a great job repelling mosquitoes.

According to the website, the repellent is allethrin, which is similar in nature to the affect of the chrysanthemum flower.

We’ve found multiple uses for the ThermaCELL. We have been going on fly-in outpost fishing trips in Canada for over 20 years now. When we come in from a successful walleye hunt, there are always limits of fish to clean from 6 guys, which means 20 – 30 minutes of work in a mosquito infested cleaning house. We put a ThermaCELL in the fish cleaning house with the door open for 15 minutes before we get started. The results have been amazing. We clean our fish with no distractions from mosquitoes or flies. If we decide to fish off the dock in the evenings we place a unit on either corner of the dock, and we’re actually able to stand outside at dusk and fish. For anyone who has been to Canada fishing, you know this is the absolute worst time to be outside. Without the ThermaCELLs we find ourselves putting on hooded jackets just to go outside for a few minutes.

Missouri deer hunting in late September and early October tends to be warm, which means the mosquitoes and other flying insects are still out. Hanging a ThermaCELL under the stand puts a stop to the bug problem. We’ve not seen any problem with the scent produced. I’ve had both mature bucks and does walk right under my stand with a ThermaCELL running. The good news for the hunters is the units come in both plain green and realtree camo.

ThermaCELL advertises a 15’ by 15’ coverage area. I think this is pretty accurate with one exception. Outdoors in a strong wind the units become less effective. The good news is a decent breeze also affects mosquitoes as well.

There’s another important point to consider. The vapor repels mosquitoes, it doesn’t kill them. Running a unit in an enclosure with the doors and windows closed doesn’t do any good if there’s no way for the mosquitoes to leave the area. Furthermore, just in case you need a pest control and carpet cleaning canberra service look for These services will greatly help you in maintaining a healthy life.

We’ve had one issue with this product. On the older units we’ve seen an ignition problem. They get very difficult to light, and in a couple of cases they have failed completely. I’ve written the ThermaCELL customer service department, and have been told they will replace or repair the faulty units regardless of age. I plan to send one of the defective units in and test the customer service aspect of this company. The newer units have a different switch on the front. I’ve purchased one of these and hopefully this issue has been addressed. More to come on this front.

Overall we’ve been pleased with the performance of the ThermaCELL product. We certainly won’t be taking a trip to Canada without three or four of these units and a good supply of butane tanks and replacement pads. Hope you have the same success as we have.

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