The Best Fishing Pole for a Little Girl

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Almost 2 years ago I bought my little girl a Barbie Fishing Pole for her 3rd birthday. Since then we have taken it fishing dozens of times. My wife, two daughters, plus a couple cousins have caught many fish with this pole, mainly bluegill. It has never failed us. Recently we took my 4 year old and her 7 year old sister on their very first camping trip. We had a blast camping out and fishing from our friend’s pontoon boat. My daughter caught and landed her very first largemouth bass with her Barbie fishing pole that weekend and I was so proud of her. Mind you it was only about a ¾ pounder but she caught it start to finish. Everyone was so happy for her and she was so proud for her achievement. I was the most proud because I used to be an avid largemouth fisherman.
My daughter practices with that pole at least 2 times a week (weather permitting) with the little purple plastic practice fish included with the kit. She is able to cast it accurately up to 30 feet of so, not bad for a 4 year old. I do believe I need to restring it because we lost a few spinner baits over the weekend but heck the line was the original.
We had no idea that this pole would last like it has and quite frankly didn’t expect it to last more than a year. It has been tossed around, dropped, kickid, and basically used and abused. My wife and I even used it tight lining for catfish at night last summer. We turned our heads a few moments and heard a splash, turned around and the pole was gone. The next morning I saw the bobber and was able to retrieve the pole (no catfish attached), it still worked. It catches fish just like a more expensive pole but at a cheap price tag of under 20 bucks. I would recommend this pole to any proud dad wants to get his little girl hooked on fishing.
The pole is 2ft 6in long and very easy for little hands to use. The rod and reel comes with a flower shaped tackle box and a plastic casting plug.

Go to Cabela’s and do a search for “Barbie Fishing Kit“.