Danner 453 GORE-TEX Hiking Boots

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Most outdoors-men can have a meaningful debate on which equipment you can skimp on and equipment you should spend an extra buck on.  For me, the right footwear is worth a few extra dollars.  There’s nothing worse than wearing ill fitting shoes all day long.

I was recently looking for a hiking shoe I could wear on a summer fishing trip to Canada.  The shoe also needed to look good enough I could wear it in work situations that would take me out in the field.  The Danner 453 GORE-TEX Hiking Boots fit the bill.

There are lots of shoes out there today with a mesh upper, which I’m sure are great for weight and comfort, but I was looking for a shoe that could be more easily wiped down after a fish cleaning session or a hike through a muddy field.  I dropped plenty of fish guts on this shoe on the trip this year, and they cleaned up nicely with a damp cloth.

If you’re standing in a leaky aluminum boat all day your footwear had better be waterproof.  The gore-tex lining in the Danner kept my feet dry all day standing in several inches of water in the back of the boat.  The leather dried out quickly as well.  There is an abrasion resistant toe guard on the shoe that helps protect the leather in a high scuff area.

I’ve also taken these shoes on several farm tours, where I’ve worn these shoes for 15 hours straight and walked several miles over rough farm ground.  The Terra Force™ X midsole/shank system provides great support and cushion in the shoe for all day comfort.  Danner’s Approach TFX outsole provides excellent traction whether walking on a wet parking lot or stomping through a rocky field.

If you’re looking for a lightweight, tennis shoe style hiker, then this is NOT the shoe for you.  But if you want a rugged full support hiker that’s waterproof and tough, I would highly recommend these shoes.  It will take a few hours to break them in, but you’ll be happy with the results.

Order these boots online by going to Cabelas and doing a search for “Danner 453 Hikers”.

Danner 453 GORE-TEX Hikers

Danner 453 GORE-TEX Hikers