Plano Rethinks The Tackle Bag With The Kevin Van Dam 4880 Gear Bag

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Taking everything the serious angler would need in a bag, Plano has created the KVD Signature Gear Bag as part of their “Guide Elite” series.  I recently got this bag after tiring of my mix of several tackle boxes and bags, each of which served a separate angling need.  Thinking it would be nice to have my bass, trout and bream gear all in one easy-to-access gear bag, and after a serious amount of comparison shopping, I settled on the KVD 4880.

The KVD 4880 Gear Bag may be considered large by some standards, coming in with dimensions of   27” long X 15.5” wide X 15.75” high.  However, it is these dimensions that give this bag its ability to be so accommodating.  The KVD 4880 Gear Bag comes with five Stowaway boxes which can be configured in many useful ways to accommodate literally hundreds of baits and plugs and all the accompanying terminal gear.  In addition, I found the six zippered pockets and eleven mesh pockets to be very handy for all the ancillary stuff we like to have in a our bags.

For ease of use, both the front and the back of the KVD 4880 Gear Bag open to provide easy access to the Stowaway boxes and all the rest of your gear.  Everything is kept in its place by a number of strategically placed snaps, hooks and retaining bands so your bag always stays neat and in-order.  Spacious pockets on both outside ends of the bag give you even more options for storage.

When you open this bad boy up and take a closer look, you’ll find that the KVD 4880 is actually two bags in one – there are the giant main compartment and the 17 zippered and mesh pockets, but there is also a removable zippered (and weather-resistant) take-along bag that stows in the large front pocket of the bag.  I found the large removable take along bag very useful for keeping the things I most need immediately close at hand – knife, clippers, scissors, small fish scale, lake maps, the fantastic Buck Silver Creek Folding Filet Knife, etc. – and safe from the elements.

And speaking of safety from the elements, the KVD 4880 Gear Bag is constructed of easy to clean weather resistant fabric in a very eye catching design.  One concern I had was that the attractive colors of this bag – guide yellow and field gray would become depressingly stained or discolored over time.  However, over time and lot of use, this bag has proven very easy to clean and restore to a like-new condition with just soap and water.

A couple of other well thought out features of the KVD 4880 Gear Bag are the stiff molded rubber waterproof bottom base and weather-resistant zippers.  Anglers run into a lot of harsh weather conditions, and a soaked tackle box or bag is hard to deal with, even for days after the fishing is done.  My KVD 4880 sat on the floor of a jon boat in about an inch and a half of water for several hours during a rainy outing, and not a drop of water got in through that molded base.  The KVD’s zippers are far and away trhe most robust I have encountered in a tackle or gear bag.  They are heavy and smooth-operating with the teeth tightly positioned.  This bag stays dry at the zipper seams even in a moderate rain.  The bag’s exterior excels at moisture repellance, up to and including a soaking downpour.

As I said, I have taken advantage of the KVD 4880 Gear Bag’s size to combine three separate tackle boxes and bags into one easy to use and well-made gear storage and transportation solution, and I still have room to grow in this bag.

Undoubtedly, this bag can be heavy, and some would possibly consider its size somewhat cumbersome.  For those who have rightly questioned the need for such size in a fishing gear bag, and for those concerned that this bag will be hard to carry, I offer these thoughts:

This bag was designed as a somewhat oversize fishing gear solution.  It is full of convenience and accessibility features previously unavailable in any bag of smaller size.  The design considers the very important concern of carrying the bag and incorporates two extremely good solutions – a full sized, thick padded carry handle, and an ergonomic and comfortable padded shoulder strap.

Whether your tastes run from fresh or salt water, to bass, trout, crappie or brim, the Plano Kevin Van Dam 4880 Gear Bag is the ultimate gear bag for the serious fisherman.  Find a great deal and qualify for free shipping at