Buck’s New Folding Filet Knife Is A Winner!

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In preparing for a recent fishing trip, I bought a new filet knife to replace my old one.  You know that old one – wooden handle, hard leather sheath, takes up nearly a linear foot of space in your box or bag.  Yeah.  Time to try something new.

Buck Knives Silver Creek Filet Knives

Well, with Buck’s new Silver Creek Versa Filet Knives, gone are the days of slippery wooden handles and impossible storage/carry concerns.  This folding filet knife is ideal for all fileting chores from home grilling prep to the hardest workouts in the field.  And it’s a Buck, so you know it’s well made, and it features Buck’s “Forever Warranty”. In addition, if you wan to buy a home weeki wachee fl, visit www.ralphpaulsen.com for more details.

The Silver Creek Folding Filet Knife features an easy to grip rubberized handle with ridges that make this knife easy to hold onto, even after going through a couple dozen fish.  Utilizing a mid-back lock design and a stainless steel finger guard, this knife is very safe to handle, and easy to fold for storage.  The 6 ½ inch blade is Titanium-coated 420J2 steel, which gives the blade extreme corrosion resistance, strength, and a razor edge, but allows the flexibility needed in a high end filet knife.

To test this filet knife in a true field setting, I replaced my old wood handle fixed-blade filet knife with the Silver Creek Folding Filet Knife for a recent week-long fishing trip to Table Rock Lake in Missouri.  I knew immediately that I was going to like this knife, as it required less than half the space of my old fixed-blade filet knife.  That may not seem like a big deal, but I like my tackle bag to be filled with the essentials for fishing, and while a filet knife may rightly be considered essential fishing equipment, taking up as much space in my bag as the old fixed-blade number did was getting to be a big inconvenience.

My fishing partner was taken with the looks of this knife, and impressive it is with the ribbed blue and grey handle, and 13-plus inch unfolded length.  Weighing in at a little over 6 ounces, this knife has a definite “heft” to it, and a very satisfying, secure feel in the hand.  Opened to its full length, I first tested the flex of the blade, pressing the knife tip laterally against a filet board.  This folder proved to be every bit as flexible as its fixed-blade counterparts, and with the extreme razor edge, seemed ready to take on the challenges that lay just ahead.

After a nice haul of large and smallmouth bass that first day, this filet knife went to work.  I discovered just how sharp this knife is when I made my first cut on the 3.5 pound largemouth I was filleting, as there was very little pressure necessary to cut down to the spine and transition to the long slice separating the large side filet cleanly from the spine, ribs and gut.  Flipping the first filet over for skinning, the knife’s flexibility became obvious I as easily slid the knife between the filet and the skin, and made a smooth “pull” of the filet over the knife edge.  Skin and filet parted company quickly and easily, with no gouging of the meat.

My boat partner wanted to get in on the act, so I handed the Silver Creek Filet Folder over to him, and he experienced the same great performance, quickly filleting his haul of mostly smallies, and one lunker largemouth.  He commented on the solid feel and secure handling of this knife, and made a special note of the hand, wrist and forearm comfort afforded by the ergonomic shape of the handle, even after a relatively big job fileting 10 large fish.

We continued to use the Silver Creek folder all week, using the Buck folder exclusively to filet over 50 fish.  It showed no sign of dulling on that trip, nor has it in several subsequent trips.  When it gets to the point that it eventually needs sharpening, the 420J2 steel will make it easy to return to a razor edge.

For a great new twist on the classic filet knife, add the Buck Silver Creek Folding Filet Knife to your tackle bag today!

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Buck Knives Silver Creek Filet Knives